Golden Sun Ventures, LP

Our team of investors enthusiastically participate in the genesis of a global alternative destination for wellbeing, rejuvenation and enlightened creativity

Our Mission

The primary purpose of GSV is for creating the investment vehicle for purchasing property to provide well-suited locations for operating a hospitality inn such as bed and breakfast business model while promoting a vegan restaurant, including a non-profit, 501c3 educational medium, which hosts a wholistic lifestyle educational program.

This unique program is designed for learning and living a vegan lifestyle, shares the methods on how to prepare vegan food, works to promote healthy lifestyle habits that help to maximize nutrition and personal wellness, while learning the benefits of whole body detoxification. Meditation, hatha yoga, pranayama and sacred texts are fundamental in the program and integral to the foundation of its purpose and goals.

GSV Investment Opportunities

Golden Sun Ventures - a real estate cooperative of like-minded entrepreneurs working together for positive change

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