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Ready for a new opportunity?

Join our team of enthusiasts, investors, and committed
individuals in the genesis of a global alternative destination that is focused on meditative personal care geared towards positive change and wholistic, plant-based living.

Golden Sun Ventures is comprised of like-minded investors who enjoy participating in a
multi-faceted business growth opportunity that takes place in beautiful environments well-suited for market appeal and substantial growth in equity while imparting essential lifestyle principles that benefit humans, animals and the planet.

Our Big Island Hawaii program supports a 4-part business endeavor: the Aloha Boutique Hotel, Shiva Diva Foods (a vegan restaurant), a mini spa, and a 501c3 educational retreat program. 

Working through a progressive, cooperative real estate model, the modest, mini-resort flourishes in a beautiful island paradise that provides great food, an amazing climate, lush eco-system, breathtaking sunsets, and a soothing tropical environment filled with all the ambiance and TLC of a home away from home experience. An added bonus is the location of the mini-resort, at the edge a small, ranch-country, rural town providing easy access to grocers, post office, hardware and gift shops within walking distance..

The non-profit, 501c3, Sacred Retreats™ offers a welcoming destination that encourages healthy eating, meditative mindfulness, specialized, leading-edge wellness workshops such as vegan cooking, gardening and farming, maximizing daily nutrition, creating a balanced lifestyle through a combined practice of meditation, hatha yoga and pranayama and educational forums that promote a healthy, conscious, plant-based lifestyle.

Aloha Ambassadors enjoy numerous perks, incentives, and VIP treatment unique only to Aloha Ambassadors, the investing partners of Golden Sun Ventures and the global wellness project.

Learn more about each of the business entities in the Four-in-One investment project happening on the Big Island of Hawaii through clicking link to business plan. 

Limit 6 investors

Golden Sun Ventures - a real estate cooperative of like-minded entrepreneurs working together for positive change

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