Business Plan

Golden Sun Ventures, LP

Golden Sun Ventures, LP (“GSV”) is a limited partnership designed for cooperative real estate investment projects positioned for rapid growth and focused on wellbeing, education and hospitality

Our Mission

The primary purpose of GSV is for creating the investment vehicle for purchasing property to provide a well-suited location for operating a hospitality inn such as bed and breakfast business model and for promoting a vegan restaurant, including a non-profit, 501c3 educational entity, which hosts a vegan lifestyle educational program. The program is designed for learning and living a vegan lifestyle, how to prepare vegan food, how to eat healthy, promote healthy life habits that help maximize nutrition, personal wellness, and learn the benefits of whole body detoxification. Meditation, hatha yoga, pranayama and sacred texts are fundamental in each program.

GSV Investment Opportunities


Project Big Island Hawaii

4 in 1

four revenue streams | one investment

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